Are you receiving God’s word?

It’s one thing to hear the word of God. It’s quite easy, but it’s another thing to be a doer of God’s word. The difference between a hearer and a doer is action. A hearer can hear the word of God and possibly quote scriptures, but a doer actually does what the Word of God tells them to do. James 1:22 tells us “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” By doing what the Word says we are strengthen our faith, we’re trusting in the Lord, we’re living a holy life, we’re living the life that God has for us to live – an abundant and overflowing life.

However, Jesus did touch on how receive the word of God determines if we are a doer or a hearer. First to truly receive the Word of God, we have to prepare our heart. Our heart must be ready to truly hear from the Lord. Jesus talks about a parable about a farmer sowing seeds in the ground. As the farmer scattered the seeds, he noticed that some seeds would not grow as they should.

Some seeds fell along the path, but the birds came and ate it up (verse 4). These are the people that read the word, but quickly forget about it. Then some seeds fell among rocky places, but it didn’t have much soil so it sprang up quickly, but when the sun came the plants were scorched and withered because they didn’t have any root. This usually happens when a believer doesn’t have a firm foundation in the Word of God (verse 5). Once a situation comes against them, their faith withers away. Other seeds fell among the thorns, but grew up and choked the plants (verse 7). These people allow their environment and worldly concerns to choke out the word that was planted and it never took root.

But some seeds feel on good soil and produced a crop (verse 8).  When you prepare your heart to truly hear the word of God and be a doer, God will produce in you’re a harvest. I encourage you to not only prepare to hear from God, but to do the word of God. This way you could live the exceeding and abundant life that God has for you!

Don’t get frustrated being stagnant

Does your life feel stagnant? Sometimes when we’re stagnant, it seems like we’re watching others move forward with their lives while ours stand still. It can be frustrating when we try to make something happen and life gives us 3 steps back. But did you know that some of the greatest people in the bible were stagnant at some point of their lives. When Moses ran away from Pharoah’s palace, he spent 40 years in the wilderness. Even though David was anointed to be king when he was young, he didn’t actually become king until years later. Some people who had the greatest destinies were delayed and actually didn’t become a success until later.

While this stagnant time is frustrating, don’t become frustrated. Count it all joy. God has not forgotten you. God can restore every day, week and year that you felt was lost. Your stagnant time was for a purpose.

T.D. Jakes had a great message about being stagnant involving the donkey Jesus rode in the streets of Jerusalem. The donkey was never ridden in his life and was tied up.  He probably saw many other donkeys fulfill their purpose, but he was still waiting for his moment. At times, we can feel like the donkey that’s tied up. We feel lost in knowing our purpose and we don’t understand why we can’t go forward. But that day when Jesus sent for him, the donkey was used for a special purpose. He was set aside specifically for Jesus to ride on him. What an honor! Probably the other donkeys that had people to ride on him got a little jealous! The purpose is to say, don’t get frustrated in your stagnant moment. God might be setting you aside for a purpose.

Timing is everything. God has a set time and moment for your breakthrough. He knows exactly when you will receive your blessing….and it won’t be too late. While in our flesh, we feel impatient; God is working our patience. God is molding us while we wait. The apostle Paul said he has learned to be content in where he is. Paul wasn’t saying living content in medicrocy, but being content in where God has him right now. That means not becoming frustrated and throwing in the towel because we’re not getting our way. We must trust that while we wait, God is continually blessing us. We must believe that God has something better for us and wait in expectation.